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Greenwood & Batley 2493

No.1     A battery-electric locomotive built by Greenwood & Batley Ltd of Leeds, works number 2493. It weighs 3 tons, has two 5 hp motors (model T2, rated at 60 volts, 75 amps, with a maximum speed of 1,050 r.p.m.) and a 5-speed drum controller, and measures 8’9” in length. It was despatched on 25 February 1953 to Glebe Mines Ltd at Eyam, thirteen miles north of Steeple Grange, for use at their Ladywash mine, where it was known as No.6. The mine opened in the early eighteenth century as a lead mine, and after a period of disuse in the early twentieth century was reopened in 1939 to work fluorspar.    In 1959 the company was taken over by Laporte Industries Ltd, who continued to operate the mine until 1979. No.6 was one of a number of Greenwood & Batley, Logan, and Clayton battery locos used for underground haulage at the mine. After closure No.6 lay at the surface, out of use, for some time until it was obtained by the S.G.L.R., along with other equipment, in 1987. Originally owned by the S.G.L.R. Company, it was sold to a Society member in 1994, then to a second  member in 2003 who carried out some restoration on it between then and 2007.  Moves are afoot at the present time (2021) to resume the work.

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